[fiction, '13, 2004]


Production: Momoko Seto
Director: Momoko Seto



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Hanako Tomita






A town girl, Hanako, spends her life watching Kurosawa’s movies and thinks about sound. One day, she decides to go to Nagano, the place where Kurosawa shot the last sequence of the film « Dreams ». After the visit, Hanako decides to go beyond her physical handicap.

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Thinking about sound. My first intention to make this film came from the simple question: « what is sound ? »
What is the best way to think about sound? My answer was “to be in the place of the person who doesn’t know about sound”.
This film is also homage for Akira Kurosawa. I wanted all the dialogue to be related with his movies. At the same time, I wanted to film the region Nagano, one of my favourite place in Japan.

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Shooting Format: DV NTSC
Projection Format: DV NTSC
Sound Format: stereo


California College of the Arts, Juried Show selected, Oakland [USA] 2004



published in a Japanese magasine, "Gag Bank", 2005