updated on Sept 6th 2021

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: NEW VIDEO :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

[OJIICHAN, 2021] produced by Barberousse films

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: AWARDS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Oct 2019: AVANCE SUR RECETTE (CNC) for my feature film project "PLANETS"!!

JAN 2021: ARTE bought my feature film project "PLANETS"!!

GEBEKA distributes my feature film project "PLANETS"

IndieSale Sales my feature film project "PLANETS"


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: FESTIVALS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


"PLANET Z" will be presented at:

Exposition « Le Voyageur, l’Obstacle, la Grâce » au centre d’art contemporain de Briançon [Fr], July 1st 2021 - Oct 17th 2021

Festival Alimenterre, Bruxelle [BE], Oct 9-16th 2021


"PLANET ∑" will be presented at:

Kongsberg Art Centre [NO], Sept 7the 2021


"PLANET ∞" will be presented at:

Festival International de Contis [FR], Sept 16-17-18th 2021