updated on aug 28th 2017



Tokyo, sept 13-25th 2017
Santiago de Chili, oct 2017
NYC USA, oct 13-20th 2017

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: NEW VIDEO :::::::::::::::::::::::::::

[PLANET ∞, 2017] produced by Barberousse films

planet infini click here to see more.


[Le mot des académiciens, 2016] produced by L'académie des sciences

academie click here to see more.


::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: AWARDS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


"I don't want to sleep with you I just want to make you hard" received the

PUBLIC AWARD at Festival du film de fesses in Paris [fr]

BEST DOCUMENTARY SHORT at La Guarimba International Film Festival [Fr]

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: FESTIVALS ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


"PLANET ∞" will be presented at:

Festival Nouveau Cinéma [ca], oct 4-15th 2017

Imagine Science [usa], oct 13-20th 2017

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam [nl], oct 26-29th 2017


"PLANET ∑" will be presented at:

Sonoma International Film Festival [USA], March 21-25, 2018


"AREKARA" will be presented at:

Exhibition INVISIBLE CITIES at Dallas Contemporary [USA], sept 30th - dec 17th 2017


"PLANET Z" will be presented at:

‘Otsukimi’ screening at Dallas Contemporary [USA], oct 3rd 2017