[fiction, '29, 2007]


Production: Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts Contemporains
Director: Momoko Seto



Tujiko Noriko
Charlotte Claeyssen
Sarah Le Gigan

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Mari is a Japanese girl, married with a French man, who has been living Paris for 5 years. One day, she receives a phone call from her brother, and finds out their mother is about to die.
She remembers those moments spent with her mother in her childhood in Toke , a small town where she was born in Japan. The same day, she meets a French truck driver and decides to go for a night trip with her, up to Le Touquet.

[read in French]



This era, characterized by the displacement, the uprooting, the « virtualisation » of people, experiences, and by the new thoughts about space and time, makes the nostalgia anachronistic. Belonging to this new generation of young globetrotters or bearers of multicultural identities, I am interested in the question of immigration, and especially about influence of the past to these immigrants.

[read in French]


Shooting Format: 16mm mixed with DVCam
Projection Format: Beta Num PAL
Sound Format: Dolby SR
Subtitles: French, Japanese, English

[Screening & Festival]

Panorama8 "Présumé coupable" [exhibition currator: Dominique Païni], Toucoing [Fr] 2007

European School Film Festival, Bologna [It] 2008

Festival International de Courts-métrages, Cergy-Pontoise [Fr] 2008

Tokyo School Film Festival, Tokyo [Jp] 2008

13th Ourense International Film Festival, Ourense [Es], oct 11-18 2008

15th Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Alternativa, [Es], nov 14-22 2008

Printemps lesbien de Toulouse [fr], april 28th 2012