5 turns to 6 (a new year poem) [2006]


Don't even try to think!

Your silly pants, color of pink

Coz my hands will follow

Interstice of my fragmented memories be, narrow

About those gibberish words,

Left and thrown.

Your lies have yet, overblown

Split my head like million swords

Liar! Liar! I would scream

near your ears

Your kissing is a fat free cream

this year was tears

What about my feelings that I left?

What about this emptiness that I felt?

January and February seemed like jokes.

Manifesting peace in naive mood.

Satire eye! Hurt, hurt, hurt!

Only my feelings constantly heap up

Your scarlet fevers consciously heat up

Because this is the End of the year,

Why don’t we make our heads clear?

To begin a new step

Ought to gaze my invisible faith:

I guess this is Goodbye,

5 turns to 6!